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Over the past decade, Galvanize Therapeutics has developed and refined a proprietary suite of ablation technologies, all built around a single core system that is modified to affect cells in variable ways depending on the desired therapeutic effect.

The Aliya PEF Energy platform utilizes short duration, high voltage, electrical pulses to create an electric field that destabilizes cells through multiple biochemical processes.  Because Aliya relies on non-thermal energy to alter cells, it can be safely delivered to the target without damaging surrounding tissue. 

Each therapeutic system has custom electrodes and energy dosing specific to the application, to ensure that the right cells are targeted for the intended therapeutic outcomes.

Potential benefits of PEF Energy as compared to thermal ablation1,2:

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Unique, proprietary features of Aliya PEF Energy platform:

• Dosing that is specific to each tissue application

• Electrodes custom designed to each application 

• Predictable treatment zones with monopolar electrodes


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