Chronic Bronchitis

15 million people in Europe and 9 million in United States suffer with chronic bronchitis.2,3,4,5

With chronic bronchitis, the airways produce excess mucus, resulting in chronic cough and shortness of breath.

Disease Progression

Chronic bronchitis develops after exposure to cigarette smoke, vaping, secondhand smoke, airborne chemicals, or other pollution and irritants.

Exposure to irritants, cigarette smoke, vaping liquid, or pollutants

Production of mucus to expel irritants

Chronic inflammation causes more mucus production

Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Bronchitis

Increased mucus production

Persistent, heavy cough that expels mucus


Sleep disruption

Shortness of breath

COPD patients with chronic bronchitis have a reduced quality of life, worse respiratory symptoms, and a higher risk of exacerbations compared to COPD patients without chronic bronchitis.6

64% worse

respiratory symptoms

1.4x more

likely to be awakened by cough

Currently there are no other treatment options for chronic bronchitis that directly target the cells that produce mucus.7

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